What does the mean babushka?

babushkaToday we will tell what does the mean babushka!

Probably, you repeatedly heard this word when conversation came about Russia and did not understand that it means. Most likely, when who that told it, you have smiled at once :) We agree – that this word very ridiculously sounds if to say it with a foreign accent.

So, let’s find out that this “babushka” means. Yes, THIS, therefore as in a literal translation from Russian on English “babooshka” means – the grandmother. Why Russian so often say it and why it such popular? All the matter is that in Russian of probably some uses of this word.

babooshkaThe first sense which it has – a designation of related communication between three generations of a family. “Grandmother” – most senior of them. This word grandsons very often name the “senior” mothers. Since the childhood, the grandmother becomes for them as “the second” mum. They play with them, tell it fairy tales, feed and укладывыают to sleep at night.
The grandmother it also yours mother of the father or your mother. Well and коненчо, the wife of your grandfather :)

The second designation of a word “grandmother” – a category of people of a female at the age of more than 65 years. This phrase has no offensive character, on the contrary, so tenderly and gently name very adult women in Russia. So it is possible to name to you the woman aged in the street and she will smile to you in the answer. Most likely, it is connected with emotional predisposition to this word. For this reason positive reaction of associates is guaranteed at its pronunciation. In informal conversation it is often simple the elderly woman.

babooshka hipster
Also, for a long time, in Russia this word named any beautiful, but useless in испльзовании a thing or a subject. Thus spoke: “Have presented to me the grandmother. I do not know that with it to do”.

Here the approximate list of those words in which context this phrase can be used. We hope, now you have understood that means this word, and can with ease and simplicity to name so the “senior” mums and familiar elderly women!


babushka hipsterAlso we represent you photos made Russian photographers in streets of the city. All characters in photos are more senior 65 years and live in the city of Omsk, Russia.







In Russia there are “modern” grandmothers who try to follow all fashion trends and style. Look, how at them it turns out?





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